Yoga 365 – Day 79 – Back In The Saddle

This is me doing camel pose.  I could not do it yesterday!  What makes today so special?  I shifted a huge block in my first chakra.  Many times when I can’t sleep I work on clearing and balancing my chakras.  Last night while I was doing this I noticed a tremendous amount of fear in my first chakra that I didn’t know was there.  I asked for assistance from the Angels to help shift the block and voilà!  This morning I could do a pose I haven’t been able to do since last October.

The first chakra governs the spine/bones and the process of elimination.  It also holds the energy of safety and security.  When it is out of balance we can have issues with our backs, elimination problems and we may not feel safe in our lives.  Whether that is financial or environmental.  My first chakra was out of balance do to financial insecurity.  Thanks to a daily prosperity practice my money health has improved.  It only makes sense that my back health would start to improve as well.

Check out my website if you are interested in your own chakra healing.  I also teach a weekly yoga for prosperity class every Friday at YogaSoul in Eagan.


Next up:  Wheel Pose. 🙂


One thought on “Yoga 365 – Day 79 – Back In The Saddle

  1. You ROCK Girl!! BRAVO!! I LOVE this story!! Great way to make insomnia work for you! Blessed Super Full Moon Gift!!

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