Walking Sadhana – Day 74 – Walking In The Rain

I’m not quite sure what the big deal was but I’ve dreaded walking in the rain ever since March came.  I know how insane this month can be weather wise.  So today I had my first opportunity to experience what I’ve most dreaded since I’ve started this walking sadhana.  And it was lovely!

-18 below windchill didn’t faze me but a few drops of water did.  It never occurred to me that all I would need was an umbrella.  Thank goodness my neighbor asked me where mine was as I was heading out the door.  It’s funny of the things we don’t think of when our mind is all tangled up with what is wrong with this or that.

I was able to retrieve my umbrella and proceed to have one of my loveliest walks to date.

Sat Nam!


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