Yoga 365 – Day 47- Healing The Wounds of Love

This past weekend I attended a Kundalini Yoga workshop entitled Healing The Wounds of Love.  I was not expecting to be sent into a tailspin of anger and grief as a result of the workshop.  I was hoping that all my love relationships would be taken to a higher level and they were.  It just wasn’t in the way I had imagined.  What the workshop revealed to me is where I am still holding those feelings that are NOT Love.

Last fall my relationship ended with a man whom I had been in love with for over 12 years.  We had not been together that entire time.  We had both had relationships between.  Yet, he had always been in my heart even when he wasn’t in my life.  Last February we decided to really give it a go.  And up until he broke up with me in November I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with him.

I grieved for a good month and then I thought I was done grieving.  It wasn’t until February rolled around that I started to feel the anger and the longing all rolled up together.  This workshop pushed it all to the surface so I couldn’t push it back down and run from it.  That is the beauty of kundalini yoga.  It brings your stuff to the surface.  But, it doesn’t leave you alone with all the emotional baggage.  It gives you tools to transform that baggage into Light.

I have continued to listen to the Shabad Hazaaray mantra from the workshop every day to help me transform these emotions.  The other important piece for me is working with a kundalini yoga set called Exercise Set For Relaxing and Releasing Fear.  This set in Gururattan Kaur’s manual Relax and Renew is a hard one.  It will push out the crap and bring you back to neutral though.  It is worth the intense workout it puts you through.

I am still grieving the loss of this relationship.  But my emotions are not nearly as intense as they were a few days ago.  I will continue to work with my kundalini yoga tools and I know I will find relief and peace.  I know this from experience.  Kundalini Yoga has never let me down.  Not once.  I can count on this technology for the rest of my life.  It is the one thing I am sure of in this life.

Sat Nam



One thought on “Yoga 365 – Day 47- Healing The Wounds of Love

  1. Thanks for sharing Della. I love Kundalini yoga for that very reason. It truly is a revealing technology bound to change who we are. Isn’t it nice you have something you ‘can’ count on. LOL Aria

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