2011: My Life In Transition

This is an incredible year of change for me.  My son will be graduating high school and going to the east coast to college in the fall.  I may also be moving from an apartment building that I have spent the last 15 years of my life in.  The last 18 years of my life I’ve focused on being a single parent.  So much of what I have created has revolved around that role.  Now what?

I love the work I have carved out for myself in the last 5 years.   That will still be there.  That too could change but the foundation is still solid.  The relationship that I thought would end in a life long partnership ended abruptly last fall but I feel at peace with that now.  My child support which has paid my rent for the past 17 years will no longer be available come this summer when my boy turns 18.  Thus, the potential move.  I could get really freaked out but I’m not.  At least not today.  I have had my moments of fear and there could be more but not now.  And, now is all there really is.

In this moment in time I feel like I’m being held by the Divine.  It is such a lovely feeling that I want to engrave it on my memory for those days when the fear comes knocking.  I can pull this feeling out and go, “That’s right!  The Universe has my back!”  I’m actually pretty excited to see how my life will unfold this year.  I am comfortable with letting it reveal itself as it will.  As I said, the Universe has my back so it can only be a beautiful life to behold.

Sat Nam,



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