Walking Sadhana – Day 9

Yes, that’s me in my winter walking gear.  I have set a goal for 2011 of walking every day for 365 days.  I actually started back in December but missed a few days while I was on vacation in Colorado.  I decided I would start over on January 1st.  It really isn’t so hard walking in sub-zero temps if you dress properly.  As you can see, it ain’t pretty, but it’s warm.

The hardest part of this commitment is getting motivated to get out there in the cold.  Once I’ve got all the gear on and I get my butt out the door I actually really love it.  That’s what keeps me committed.  My love of my body in motion and how the cold air feels in my lungs.  It’s quite exhilarating!

Walking as a Spiritual Practice:

I walk for many reasons.  One of them I mentioned above.  The other reasons are the positive effects it has on my digestive system as well as the calmness it brings to my mind.  Walking makes me feel good.  Why is that spiritual?  When I can calm my mind enough to listen to my soul then I have reached God.  It is so easy to see God in our external environment.  God in a smile, in nature, in song . . . But the God in Self is much harder to see.  It is only when I quiet my mind that I catch a glimpse of my Internal Creator.  Walking brings me there.

Sat Nam,



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