Walking In A Winter Wonderland – Day 9

Today’s walk was awesome!  The snow hitting my face and melting on my lips. . . sublime.  I have enjoyed this daily practice on such a deep level.  I am grateful for my commitment and my ability to walk gracefully.  It’s amazing how much I have taken for granted as to my health and wellness.  No more I pray.


One thought on “Walking In A Winter Wonderland – Day 9

  1. I sooo enjoy your blog and pictures. These bears remind me that there can be great peace and relaxation found outdoors in the winter. Instead of running from heated space to heated space, with the proper mindset, we can linger and enjoy the crisp clean air and the feel and sound of snow underfoot and on our faces, etc. Thanks for the reminder. That dog in the previous post looks almost exactly like my first dog Kino, who was a birthday present when I was about 10 years old. Have a wonderful holiday and come home safely after you’re good and sick of all that fun and stuff!

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