Walking In A Winter Wonderland – Day 2

Yes.  I may be just a bit crazy.  I started my Winter walking sadhana yesterday.  Last year I walked every day no matter what the wind chill and it got me through the winter.  I have a resistance to cold weather.  Once it turns cold I never want to leave my house.  If I go out and embrace the cold it doesn’t seem so bad.  It worked for me last year.  I trust it will work for me again this year.

Since my back is still recuperating my distance isn’t what it use to be.  Right now a 15 minute walk is about what my body can handle.  My goal is to work up to 30 minutes a day.  My body has missed walking so much these last few months.  It’s such a big part of keeping me mentally healthy.  A brisk walk clears my mind and brings me peace like no other exercise in my practice.  I use yoga to keep me strong and flexible and meditation to release negative patterns in my brain.  Walking gets me to the good stuff very quickly.  There is nothing like walking in sub-zero weather either.  It energizes me for hours after.

One of the reasons I started my walking sadhana now is because I know if I can walk in these temperatures I can walk in any temperature.  Go me!


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