Kirtan Kriya – Day 7 – Re-evaluating the Plan

I have done too much yoga these past 7 days.  Between Surya Kriya in the morning and Heal Your Back in the evening and teaching 6+ classes per week I’ve over done it . . . again.  I’ll be honest, once I started to feel better I wanted to jump right back into my practice.  The reason being is I have gained weight during the recovery of my back.  Little mobility means clothes no longer fit the way they used too.  It freaked me out.  As a result I had to go to the chiropractor today and she was surprised at how out of alignment I was again.

I knew this morning when I woke up that I had to re-think how I integrate my personal practice into my life again.  I know I will be practicing kirtan kriya through the 40 day commitment I have already made.  The rest will have to happen on an intuitive level.  I may not be able to do all of it every day, nor should I really, considering I’m still recovering.  I’ll have to continually check in with my body to see what it needs.  This is the purpose of yoga anyhow.  It teaches us to listen to our bodies.  My job is to pay attention.

Sat Nam


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