Kirtan Kriya Diary – Day 1

I asked my mentor to suggest to me a kriya or meditation that would help me clear my auric field from my past lover.  She suggested Kirtan Kriya.  According to yogic philosophy when a woman sleeps with a man that man’s energy can stay in our auric field for a very long time (years).    There ain’t no way I’m hanging out with an old boyfriend in my energy field for that long!   This is where Kundalini Yoga comes in so handy.  The technology is a very efficient means to clear your aura, karma, mind, etc.  I’ve attached a link so you can see for yourself all the benefits of this powerful kriya.  Here is a video so you can have a visual reference point as well.

My first morning of this meditation reminded me that this practice works right away.  I was already feeling the effects about a half hour after I finished my first day.  Grief and sadness were coming up and I, at first, didn’t understand why.  Then I remembered that sometimes to heal we need to feel the feelings.  Once I remembered that it was pretty easy to move through the grief and go on with my day.

Kirtan kriya was the very first 40 day sadhana that I ever did.  I have revisited this kriya a time or two but never as a 40 day commitment.  I look forward to my journey with this practice.  It is my hope that you will feel called to this practice with me.  You can start any time.  Please share your experiences on this blog.  I would love to hear them.  I have a facebook fan page that works for sharing as well.

Sat Nam


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