Where’s The Yoga?

It has been quite awhile since I’ve written about the physical practice of yoga.  Yoga means union so I feel as if my whole existence incorporates yoga into my life, even if I’m not writing about it.  November was such an intense month I can honestly say I’m glad it’s over.

There are a couple of kundalini yoga sets that have helped me through the difficult energies of November.  Heal Your Back Now has been such a life saver for me.  My back is still in the process of recovery and this is the yoga set I used to keep my body from seizing up during this journey.  There are still a few yoga poses that my body is unable to do but Heal Your Back Now kriya is very gentle and relaxing on the body.

Surya Kriya is my go to, get through the winter blah’s kriya.  About a month ago I was giving a client an Intuitive Reading when my guidance said that this winter would be exceptionally overcast.  I was then shown this kriya to help bust through any S.A.D. that may occur as a result.  I love this kriya.  It elevates the spirit, keeps the weight down, and aids in digestion.  Surya means sun energy in Gurmukhi.  When you practice this kriya you are tapping into the energy of the sun which is warming and active.

I’ve also been practicing left nostril breathing.  While doing research for a student who struggles with anxiety I was guided to this breath to help calm his anxiety.  The left nostril represents the feminine, calming, cooling, receptive aspects.  I have used this breath myself to help me to get to sleep at night.

So there you have it.  Yoga is always working in some way in my life.  It has been my salvation these past few years.  I attribute my yoga practice to keeping me healthy in body, mind and soul.

Sat Nam



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2 thoughts on “Where’s The Yoga?

  1. Hi, Della

    I just read your post on yoga and I really liked it. I am practicing this exercise from last eight months and I had find good changes in my professional life. But, I used to do this practice at afternoon instead of early morning. Actually, I cannot wake up so early due to my busy scheduled and late night office work. So, kindly tell me is that important to do this yoga practice at early morning?

    • I believe as long as you have a daily practice it does not matter what time of day do it. That said, there is something to be said for consistency in one’s practice. Consistency creates stability and commitment. You also may want to look at how your particular yoga practice makes you feel. For instance, Surya Kriya is very energizing so you may want to do it earlier in the day rather than in the evening when you want to start relaxing the body to prepare it for sleep.

      For many years, my practice was done early in the morning before my boy got up and I had to work. I think that was what I needed at the time. Now my practice is more intuitive. If I’m guided to practice in the morning I do. If my guidance is to practice in the evening that’s what I will do. I tune into my body every day and ask what it needs that day. Some days it says to rest. I am getting much better at listening to my inner wisdom these days.

      My many years of a daily yogic practice taught me commitment. Now when I take a day off I know that It is because that is what my body needs and not because I am lazy. Ultimately the answer to your questions is what does your inner guidance tell you. Listen to your own wisdom. You have all the answers you need within you.

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