When ever my life is going well I tend to find things to ruminate about.  If it’s not my body it’s my boyfriend.  So last nights topic focused on my boyfriend not being attentive enough to me.  My story and my anxiety grew as the night progressed.  I went to bed and fell into a dream about doing laundry.  The clothes were wet and needed to go into the dryer.  The building I was in had two very large commercial dryers.  The one I kept trying to put quarters into wasn’t working no matter what I tried.  It finally occurred to me to use the other dryer.  When I woke up I immediately realized that the dryers represented my mind.  I kept trying to get the dryer  that was out-of-order to work over . . . and. . . over. . .  again (insert definition of insanity here).  Once I realized there was another dryer (my neutral mind) to choose from all was well.

I can so easily go to that place of stinkin’ thinkin’.  The whole time I was in my negative mind my True Self was telling me the stories weren’t true.  It took the dream to bring me back to center.  I don’t care what form the Truth takes in reaching me.  I’m just grateful it does.


2 thoughts on “Dreamin’

  1. Della: Loved your story. I cannot tell you how often this can happen to me, I realized over the summer how negative I got when I had too much time to “think” and get inside my head! It has so helped me to be aware of it and meditate on postivie things and steer my mind when it starts to happen.

    Thank you!

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