Sugar Cleanse – Day 21 – Bored

It’s been 21 days today with no sugar.  Just a reminder of what that means for me.  I have had a smidgen of honey or maple syrup now and then and I do eat fruit.  Nothing else in the sugar family has passed these lips.  I have noticed I am more sensitive to carbs now.  Too much popcorn or chips will send my blood sugars out of whack.  This cleanse has made me more aware of how the everyday foods I take for granted can take a toll on my body as well.  Any time I over eat anything it will send my system out of balance.  I can no longer blame it all on too much sugar.

I am not as resentful as when I started out this cleanse.  I have found some tasty treats that satisfy me.  One of them is Maranatha Organic Creamy Peanut Butter on very hard apples.  I’ve never tasted a peanut butter so creamy and good.  The other treat I have made is my own frozen yogurt.  I put plain kefir in a blender with some fruit and a smidgen of vegetable glycerin or stevia.  You can find vegetable glycerin and stevia in your health food store.  Both of them are no carb ways of sweetening things that will not negatively affect ones blood sugar.

It can be very boring without those sugary sweet treats in my life.  I see how I’ve used sugar to make me feel better when I’m feelin’ blue.  Sugar sweetens my life when it ain’t so sweet.  Being this conscious of what I put in my body isn’t always fun.  That’s where the boring part comes in.  I do appreciate this experience though.  I am learning about what works in my body and what doesn’t in a deeper way.

I’ll admit it.  Even this post is boring.


3 thoughts on “Sugar Cleanse – Day 21 – Bored

  1. I’m reading this as I’m eating ice cream … I’ll do my best to refrain from eating both pints, what can I say, it’s Monday.

  2. I appreciate your dedication and attention to detail. I finally bought some stevia last week to put into my coffee and tea and cut my coffee consumption in half as well, it’s been a few years since I’ve had stevia on hand and got into a nasty habit of using splenda. I can be very sensitive to the blood sugar rush if I overeat as well and realize that if I increase my walks and be sweet on myself with generous conscious deep smooth breaths, self-hugs, yoga, nadi shodana and meditation. And yet, as I have the ice cream near by, I’m taking another teaspoonful … soon … waiting, feeling the effect of the last few, breathing, viving, tonglening on the spot, giving back cool sweet soothing loving light to self and all those who need it and would be comforted by it. Talk about boring, well actually, nothing in life seams boring to me, just on the verge of being overwhelmed sometimes. I suppose that’s why having health ways to self soothe are so necessary. Ok now another spoonful … anyone care to share in a hug or a walk?

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