Why Energy Healing Works

I became exposed to energy healing at a young age.  My mother was a foot reflexologist long before it was main stream.  We kids would wait in line for our turn for mom to rub our feet.  It made me feel better when she “pushed the buttons” at the bottoms of my feet.  More than anything it calmed us all down.  It wasn’t until I became an adult that I understood that there were meridians (buttons) at the bottom of my feet that led to the organs and glands in my body.  When she “pushed those buttons” she was stimulating my body to heal.

I know now that my mom was doing so much more than foot reflexology on us kids.  She was also practicing a form of hands on healing.  Rubbing our feet was a guarantee that we would be still long enough for her to do energy work on us without us fidgeting.  It worked every time.

Today, when practicing the form of energy work I use (body~mind attunements) I start at the feet.  I gently rub people’s feet to connect and calm them down and make one feel at ease.  Before we begin I will express to the participant that we are partners on this journey.  It is not me doing the work of healing you.  It is both of us opening to receive the energy of wellness.  My job is conduit for the energy and holding space for our intention.

I truly believe we were not meant to heal alone.  We can only go so far on our own.  The reason energy healing works is this: “Where two or more are gathered. . . ” that creates the space for one to heal.


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