Conscious Eating

Part of the guidelines of this Equinox Cleanse (day 4 since starting over) that I’m on is to not eat while doing other things.    I’m so used to eating while in front of the television, computer, or reading.  I simply have a hard time being present while I’m eating.  Part of the issue is that I’m a multitasker.   I have a hard time doing anything without doing something else at the same time.  But I have found my self truly uncomfortable when its time to simply sit and eat.  I know this is an opportunity for me to become truly conscious with my food.  In that consciousness I know I will have a more joyful relationship with my body and with the food I nourish it with.

I would love to hear from you about this topic.  Have you had a similar experience and what did you do to help make your food experiences more conscious?


3 thoughts on “Conscious Eating

  1. I really wrestle with this issue. In part, I feel the same as you; it has become difficult for me to do only one thing at a time. I really want all my senses to be occupied! The other thing, though, is that I really enjoy eating and reading at the same time. Reading without eating is OK, but it’s best when they go together. So it feels like giving something up when I say I’m not going to do anything else while I’m eating. Perhaps just part of the compulsion to avoid being conscious while I eat? Dunno.

  2. Della:

    I think it is great that you are working on conscious eating. It is such a key to our happiness, that it makes sense to do it with at least a little awareness. I think that sitting down to a quiet meal (instead of multi-tasking) makes a lot of sense, both spiritually and physically. I have been guilty of eating while doing any number of non-related (and sometimes downright dangerous) tasks. It is disconcerting to find your meal has disappeared and you don’t even remember eating it…not to mention those pesky crumbs on your computer keyboard (or in your bed). Congratulations and best wishes to you in your quest for a healthy, happy life. I think the boredom will abate soon!

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