Equinox Cleanse

Every Solstice and Equinox I like to do cleanse.  We are coming up on the fall equinox in a couple of weeks and I decided to do a 40 day cleanse this time around.  During the time I was sick I ate horribly.  I didn’t have any energy for healthy cooking so I ate some of the easy food I picked up for my boy.  Yes, I ate cheese and lunch meat.  Ugh!  I didn’t like it when it was going down but I still ate it because it was . . . . easy.  Now that I’m feeling better I want to get back on track and cleanse all the nasty food choices out of my system.

Phase one will include taking sugar out of my diet.  I loves me my sugar!! I want to give my self a few days of conscious intuitive eating before I begin phase two.  I know my body doesn’t process wheat and dairy very well so I will limit or eliminate those as well.  Phase two will be an attempt to replicate the diet we consumed at Summer Solstice this year.  Here is a link to see what that looks like.  I will talk a bit more about phase two when I get there.  I am not emotionally ready for phase two yet.

Walking and doing a yoga kriya every day is also part of the agenda.  I will ask my guidance to help me select which kriya is best for that day.  It’s no different from how I would go about selecting a set for a class to teach.  Yesterday’s set was to help build the immune system.  Today’s set was on digestion and elimination.  There are many wonderful dvd’s out there to play with.  I love anything from Nirvair Singh Khalsa.

Journalling will be part of this experience as well.  I want to track my process.  This feels different from other cleanses I’ve done.  I suspect it will bring me deeper within myself than I’ve gone before.  I have felt this internal pull ever since the weather started to get cooler.  It feels like its time to focus on the spiritual part of me.  I can only do that by going within and listening to the still small voice of my soul.  My past illness forced me to slow down and get quiet.  I found I rather like it here in the quietness of the self and the stillness of the body.  I’ll keep you posted as to my progress. . .


One thought on “Equinox Cleanse

  1. After a week of over eating and junk while on vacation, I’ll also be making some changes. Good to know I’m not the only one. Look forward to hearing your progress.

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