I am finally coming out of a week-long illness.  It took me down like nothing has in a very long time.  All I’ve done in the past week is sleep and read.  I know this came on as a result of stress and over work.  All this resting gave me an opportunity to see what is working and what isn’t in my life.  I no longer want to put my energy towards something unless it brings me joy.  All this work has put my creativity on the back burner.   I know I need creativity in my life to feel alive and in balance.

Yesterday I woke up and broke out my pastels.  As a result of my play I have come up with a new intuitive service I call Soul Color Portraits.  I go into meditation and tune into an individuals soul.  What ever colors and images emerge I put down on paper.  Here is the one I created for my friend Angad. I also offer interpretations of the colors and images that come through as part of the reading and a few tools on how to use the portrait for personal growth.  If you would like your own portrait click here.

Every situation has value in my eyes.  My illness produced a very satisfying way for me to bring out the creativity that had long been dormant within me.  I plan on having fun playing with my pastels for a very long time to come.


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