Sat Kriya Journey – Day 46

16 Minutes – Fantabulous practice today!  More often than I care to mention I am unable to say that.  The reason being is that my mind has a hard time settling into the rhythm of the practice.  I can tell when my mind begins to wander as I automatically drop my arms.  It’s a constant up down, up down of the arms some mornings.  The part of my practice that is improving is the relaxation (savasana) at the end.  One would think that would be the easiest part of the experience but for me it is quite challenging.  I want to jump up and get on with my day.  Savasana is an important part of any yoga practice.  It is during that time that we integrate all that we worked for during our practice.   Our brain becomes calm and our blood pressure drops.  All good things to occur before you start your day. 🙂


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