Sat Kriya Journey – Day 21

12 minutes.  I had a mind like a Mexican jumping bean today.  Even though my mind was all over the place I noticed my body had a strength it hasn’t experienced in a while.  Usually, right before my period, my body seems to weaken, especially my abdominal muscles.  One of my warm up exercises before I start Sat Kriya is stretch pose.  I was able to hold full stretch pose today for 1 minute 25 seconds before I had to drop my feet.  That is the longest I’ve ever been able to hold it to this point.  Wahe Guru!

I also noticed I had more flexibility in the muscles behind my legs (life nerve) this morning.  What changed?  Sodium.  In the past several days I have cut my sodium intake down dramatically.  (See today’s yogic diet post.)  I think I have retained so much water that it has affected my strength and my flexibility.  It has only been a few days so will keep you posted to see if this trend stays.

One more thing I wanted to share today.  One of the ways I get through Sat Kriya gracefully is I listen to a beautiful piece of music that helps to keep a perfect Sat Kriya beat.  I’ve added a link to Spirit Voyage Music so you can check it out.  The artist is Gurunam and the cd is called Silent Moonlight Meditations.


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