Yogic Diet Recipe – Coconut Green Smoothie

This recipe is a typical breakfast for me during the warmer months here in Minnesota.

One Thai Coconut – Water and nut meat – See below to find out how to open one up.

How to open a young coconut

1 tbs raw almond butter – I get mine from Trader Joe’s.  It’s the least expensive I could find around here

1 tsp. maca powder – loaded with b vitamins, boosts energy, good source of protein.

1  tbs of raw cacao

1 – 2 handfuls of greens – I tend to use spinach as it blends very well.  Any kind of greens works well.

Place every thing in the blender and blend until smooth.  Sometimes the coconut meat is very thick so I will add a bit of almond milk to thin.


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