Yogic Diet

I’ve been eating poorly ever since I’ve got back from Summer Solstice and it has finally caught up with me.  I’ve been struggling with some severe pms and other food sensitivities as a result.  I’ve decided to clean up my act.  My birthday on July 20th was my last hurrah.  I indulged in an exponential way.  I enjoyed every morsel of food that passed through these lips.

I’ve been eating holistically since the 21st.  Today is day 4 of my yogic diet.  I’ve been eating mostly raw and cooked veggies, fruits, and beans and nuts & seeds for my protein.  I’ve cut out dairy and grains for the time being until I feel guided to add them back in.

Several weeks ago I hurt my foot.  I am used to going on daily walks and my foot will not support that right now.   As a result, I have gained several pounds.  With the extra weight gain and severe bloating from pms I am highly motivated to stay committed to this lifestyle.

I have already noticed a positive effect on my skin since I’ve cut out dairy and gluten products.  I am also more flexible.  It always surprises me how what we eat effects our level of flexibility.  Gluten and dairy products make my skin break out, gives me a tummy ache and my joints feel arthritic.   You’d think that would be enough incentive to keep those offenders out of my diet.  It’s hard for me to resist a glorious slice of cheese pizza when its sitting right in front of me.

My plan is to share some of my yogic recipes along the way.  Over the years I have collected quite a few.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I.  I would love to hear about what keeps you steady when it comes to eating holistically.  Together we can support one another on this journey.


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