Sat Kriya Journey – Day 14

Today was not a joy filled sadhana.  It felt a lot like work.  I  seem to be plateauing at 10 minutes.  For some reason I’m resistant to add another minute.  Even though my goal is 31 minutes of Sat Kriya every day.  It feels too overwhelming to add more time . . .

That seems to be the theme for my day.  Overwhelm.  I was talking to a girlfriend about how much I have on my plate and the thought of it made me very tired.  As a result of that conversation a great idea came to me.  I decided to break down all I have to accomplish into little bite sized chunks.  Looking at it that way took the feeling of overwhelm away.  I have to remember to do the next thing in front of me rather than stress about the whole.  When I look at what all needs to be done rather than what I can do  in this moment I can easily get paralyzed.  It is important for me to remember to do one thing at a time.  Do one thing at a time and everything gets done. 🙂


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