Sat Kriya Journey – Day 10

I’m up to 9 minutes.  Grief is coming up during my practice these past few days.  I know the grief is there because I feel like my life is changing.  I seem to grieve when change shows up.  Not that it makes sense.   Usually, the change is for the good.  I think I grieve the loss.  Even though that loss is what no longer serves me.  I don’t fight the grief any longer.  I simply allow it to flow through me.  I know its only temporary.

I had an interesting visual during my relaxation today.  This process that Sat Kriya is bringing me through is like a volcano.  Not in the typical sense of destruction.  Quite the opposite.  This incredible flow of energy is coming up from deep within me to erupt through the crust of my being.  The crust is my blocks and my self imposed limitations.

I am a limitless being.  Wahe Guru!


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