Sat Kriya Journey

Day One

When I was at 3HO Summer Solstice this year I went to a Sat Kriya workshop.  We did 31 minutes of Sat Kriya that day.  I knew that I wanted to start practicing this kriya regularly when I got back home to Minnesota.

I have always loved Sat Kriya.  I remember when I first started practicing it I couldn’t keep my hands above my head for very long.  It is an incredibly efficient kriya.  I love how it tones and strengthens the entire body.  My reasons for delving deeply into this kriya are for digestive health, weight stabilization, and mood elevation.  My main reason is to tone my pelvic floor.  I am one of those people who sneeze and I pee my pants.  No jumping on a trampoline for this girl!  When we jog in place in a KY class I barely lift my knees.  I am hoping that Sat Kriya will help strengthen those muscles in my pelvic floor.  I’ll take you along on my journey and we’ll see where it leads.

I’m starting out with 6 minutes as I know I can hold my hands over my head for that long without dropping them.  I’ll add a minute to my time per week or every few days depending on what Guidance tells me.


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